Summer 2022 Policy Internships

Interested in Environmental Justice?


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The Environmental Justice Policy Clinic (EJPC) at the Repair Lab is conducting a multi-stage research project to assess whether flooding threats and perceptions are affecting property values and practices in 2-4 neighborhoods of Norfolk, Virginia. We want to know whether forces of gentrification – driven by racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic differences – are affected by the changes that may be occurring in housing practices due to local sea-level rise and flooding threats

The Environmental Justice Policy Clinic Policy Intern will work with the Practitioner-in-Residence and Postdoc to review historical and contemporary local- and state-level public policies relevant to housing and environmental risks in Norfolk, Virginia. 

The intern will develop a policy intervention proposal, informed by previous and ongoing team research, as a deliverable for the “Wading Between Two Titans” project. 


  • Reading and synthesizing legal and policy papers and/or briefs to write a policy/literature review.
  • Assisting on the development of a database of policy ideas and problems primarily at the state and city level.
    • Web- and library-based research on EJ-related policies;
    • May also include a database of nonprofit or legal/policy advocacy groups working in the region on EJ issues;
    • Relevant, related brainstorming for the lab policy intervention and deliverables.
  • Involvement in social media, public outreach, political networking and establishing relations to make the project publicly and politically visible.
    • Involvement will be decided in consultation with the Practitioner, Postdoc, and Multimedia Producer
    • Assisting the Practitioner in forming a plan to advocate for the policy intervention proposal
    • Working with the Postdoc to integrate with ongoing team research objectives
    • Facilitating the media produced by the Multimedia Producer by providing organized policy data or analysis to them (on a production schedule timeline).
  • Attending and participating in an in-person clinic events


  • Interest in environmental justice
  • Ability and interest in working in Norfolk (preferred)
  • Connection to Norfolk, VA and the Virginia Tidewater Region (preferred)
  • Experience or interest in Virginia state and local policy and politics

Schedule: The intern and supervisor will set-up a mutually agreed-upon schedule of 20 hours per week. 

Personal Transportation Needed? No

UVA Students Apply Here