Environmental Justice Policy Clinic


“Wading Between Two Titans” – Norfolk, Virginia Project

The EJPC is hosting a multi-stage research project assessing whether flooding threats are affecting property values in four neighborhoods of Norfolk, Virginia.

We want to know how forces of gentrification—driven by racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic differences—are related to changes that may be occurring in housing practices due to local sea-level rise and flooding threats.

EJPC Director Jonna Yarrington, a Postdoctoral Research Associate and applied anthropologist, is working with the Lab’s Practitioner-in-Residence and Norfolk climate organizer, Kim Sudderth, and a team of seven undergraduates to gather and analyze relevant data.

Project Team


UVA Undergraduate Research Team




Kim Sudderth: smn3yz@virginia.edu
Jonna Yarrington: mqu9hz@virginia.edu