Commune: An Interdisciplinary Environmental Justice Gathering

A student-led gathering with support from the Page-Barbour Fund and the Jefferson Scholars Foundation


"Commune" is a student-led, interdisciplinary panel on environmental justice. The event will feature a conversational series which highlights environmental justice work from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as community members. The gathering will conclude with two panel discussions on environmental justice efforts in the local community and around greater Virginia.

Conversational Series

We encourage submissions of various formats and mediums (academic research, community activism, podcasts, etc…), stages (published, unpublished, etc…), and disciplines (physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, etc..) related to environmental justice. Submissions will be shared on the event webpage for all event participants to see. So come share your work and learn about others. 

Selected submissions will share their work before event attendees. Following presentations, participants will have the opportunity to engage with an interdisciplinary panel and participate in Q&A. The purpose of the dialogue series is to provide a space for substantive conversations centered around current EJ efforts from students. 

Panel Discussions

The panels will convene activists, community members, and practitioners engaged in the fight for environmental justice in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and across Virginia. In addition to providing the current environmental justice landscape, the panels aspire to encourage collaboration and make connections among attendees.


Conversational Series Session 1: Week of April 4
Conversational Series Session 2: Week of April 11
Panel Discussion: Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 || Panel discussion information + registration ||